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We are a software development company, that is focused on creating software for humans that helps them get more done, over a variety of platforms; PC, mobile, tablets or even cars.

Run by a youthful, caffeinated, coca-cola loving, noctural team; we intend to bring more engagement to the problem-solving scene. We aren't restricted to screen-based thinking, where we just create another stylish app, instead we design and create purely to the needs of people.

Afterall we all know, good experience design isn’t all about good screen estate management, it’s about good experiences.

So if you've got that app or website you want to build, and build well, talk to us.
Or buzz us directly:
mailbox [at] ephodng [dot] com
  • When we got approached to build Out'a Spades; a blog for creatives, we knew it was an opportunity to 'hack' up the blogging scene.

    We combined a simple yet intuitive approach to building a beautiful front end and the custom blogging platform it runs on.
  • C-tube Nigeria, an educational company, already had a large presence all over the country, before they approached us to create a befitting web presence.

    We sat with their team in-house for 2weeks and built a web presence that well carried & represented their core in an appealing way
  • Building a website for YDi, a christian youth ministry dedicated to raising the successor generation, we went with creating something that asserted the presence of the youths & the ministry's core mission at first glance, but wasn't daunting or an overkill
  • InCite Review is the quintessential Pan-African online magazine that brings its readers original and uncommon perspectives from Africa's best minds.

    Running on our custom blogging platform, we loved building this because of the chance it gave us to look for ways to make a pretty front-end go well with a solid and easy to use platform
  • Greathouse Mandate Church is a true bible-believeing church, presided over by Pastor Joe Jesimiel Ogbe. They needed a site, that would extend the reach of the gospel, making it easier for church members and non-church members to be able to stay connected with the word.

    We gave them just that.